The History Of Nafousa Mountains' Jews


The History Of Nafousa Mountains' Jews
Not a single Jew remains in Libya today but their history remains alive. Many of those who once lived home, are scattered all over the world, with stories to tell to their grandchildren. I am sure stories worth telling! Once upon a time, Jews and Muslims lived together in Libya embracing their differences and living in harmony. It is important to know that Jews lived in many parts around Libya, not only in major cities. Indeed, the fact that Libya was an Italian colony and did not fall under the Vichy regime in France made the fate of the Jews of Libya different from that of the Jews of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.   I embarked on the journey to find answers about the once who lived home, it is something we cannot simply erase. This dates back to 2016 when I started the process of questioning and though it has only been four years, but I know for fact, I still have a long way to go. However, I managed to get to know Libyan Jews and talk to them and know their families’ stories.   I always try to picture how life was for them in Libya. When I read […]

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